British Wildlife Sculptures


As I said, I love my native wildlife. We are lucky enough to have some beautiful birds and animals in the Great British countryside, and it only takes some time and patience (and luck!) to have the privilege to watch them. Conservation efforts have brought many back from the brink of extinction but most are still struggling to find space in our modern world. I make a conscious effort to make the area around the forge as wildlife friendly as possible and have been rewarded by some wonderful glimpses into animal behaviour.

It was no surprise to me that many of the ideas rattling around in my brain were for wildlife art. So, I have created a range of British Wildlife sculptures. I make these to order and they take around 4-6 weeks to make, depending on how full my order book is.

They are free standing, so can be displayed on any surface, and are available in an ‘Old Lead’ finish (galvanised and etched to create a mottled grey finish) or left untreated to weather naturally. You can see the range here and I am always adding to the designs.

Would you like to own your own animal?

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