Spider Commission

Private Client


The client approached me after seeing images of my wall sculptures on my website. He wanted a present to celebrate his daughter completing her PhD, studying the effects of spiders on barley crops. I sent some sketches to him, which he chose from. I suggested that, for a background, I use textile hand painted in shades of yellow and green with a couple of ears of barley embroidered in the same colours. He agreed and so work started.

As the client’s daughter had spent months looking at spiders, I couldn’t just make a cartoon spider. I had to make sure it looked real. Good job I’m not an arachnophobe as I  had to look at a lot of photos of spiders!

It was fun producing the textile background. I learned to sew as a very small child and ran a historic costume business before I discovered blacksmithing. I don’t get the sewing machine out as much as I would  like to, and it was great to return to an old skill. I was very pleased with the subtle effect that the embroidery provided, which really added to the story.

It was a real privilege to tell this story celebrating such a big achievement for the client’s daughter. This is what I really love about my job.

My client said.

The sculpture is fantastic and really encapsulates what Anna has done for her PhD. Thank you so much for completing this on our behalf, I am sure she will be delighted with it.


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