Telling Stories on a Grand Scale

I love the challenge of creating a large piece of Public Art.

Sculpture can really change the feel and atmosphere of an area for the better. It can provide a focal point, inspire reflection and conversation, remind visitors of historical events or reinforce your organisation’s Brand Message.

Stakeholder engagement is really important to me. I want people not only to love what we make, but to understand the message and thinking behind it. As part of the design process, I often work with stakeholder groups to help develop a sense of ownership of their sculpture. I do this through a combination of creative workshops, interviews and social media campaigns.

Public Art doesn’t have to be huge (but I can do that too!) It can be as simple as bespoke way markers or signage. The only limits are your initial idea and my imagination…..And my imagination is pretty impressive!

Every story starts with a conversation so please get in touch to arrange a meeting.