Telling your story on a Grander scale.


Public Art Commissions provide a great opportunity for telling stories on a bigger scale. I love working with stakeholder groups to explore what makes the site special and creating a work of art that they understand and feel that they really own. It can bring a real sense of pride in a place and a deeper sense of connection.

I run craft sessions, drop-in chats, talks and more to collect information. But most importantly, I listen. To what people love and hate, their hopes, dreams and fears. And their stories. I love hearing about what the place means to someone-how it plays a part in their personal and family history. Building up this knowledge helps me create a sculpture with real meaning. And it brings people a deeper sense of belonging and ownership. Where possible, I like to create a display of these stories, whether real or virtual, to share the fascinating stories I hear.

I have built up a good portfolio of quality artworks, all delivered on time and within budget. The beauty of steel sculpture is that, with the right finish, it will last decades with minimal maintenance. It is a robust, versatile material that can really be used to tell fantastic stories.

Take a look at the Public Art Gallery to see images of some of my past commissons. Read the Case Studies hear the stories of these projects.


Every Story starts with a conversation

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